Eggolsheim - 666 years market rights
 Well our first view weekends are behind us, and we just got home. So a little bit of time to relax and recap.Two weeks ago, we went to Eggolsheim. A wonderful town run market to celebrate the 666th anniversary of awarding market rights to the city. The market had many interesting salesmen and craftsmen and even my favorite cows - scotch highland cattle!!! So cuddly!!!! We also enjoyed being able to rest at the campsite of our good friends "The black Eagles". Thank you again, for the hospitality!

Hof - 6th castlefest at the labyrinth
Pax Ignis held the 6th annual castle fest a week later. We could only go on Friday, since our weekend was a bit tight. They changed a view things to last time, but alot stayed familiar, inlcuding the salesmen and the shows. Again this year, as every year, Dudelzwerge played,  this year with a new lead singer. We really enjoyed the evening party there, and I think we earned it, after having a fight with the horrible parking lot they provide each year. A usually moist meadow on a steep slope. It was so wet, that we could not find a proper parking spot and had to head down the road. We did finally find a spot to park our "house" and it was not to bad a walk either! So next year, we wont even enter that stupid meadow! Otherwise then that, Hof is always a lot of fun!

Hilpoltstein - Ritter, Barden, Beutelschneider
The annual fest in Hilpoltstein was at the same weekend, so we left Hof Saturday morning to head over there. It was great as ever and we spent way to much money ;) Sir Randall got a new hat and I got to take my bow home!!! Now all I need is a target and off I go! We met some new friends as well, and we will get to see them again, when we head of to the Knights Templar weekend in October. It is always great to know people already when you get there. A nice new touch for the Hilpoltstein fest was the children´s knight tournament, Great idea and absolutely adorable!!!

Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz - 2. Lenzmondfestival 
And finally this weekend we got the chance to attend Count Bobby's and Lady Renata's second Lenzmondfestival. It is for a good cause to protect childrens rights and all proceeds go to the family center in Neumarkt. There was always something to see and do, for Reenactors and Tourists alike. We made so many new friends and saw so many good friends, that we had met before. Thursday was a nice chilled out beginning, followed by action packed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that had us leaving today tired but happy! GREAT JOB BOBBY, RENATA; THOMAS; BRIGITTE AND ALL YOUR HELPERS! We hope you raised a lot of money for the children! And sorry to all that we did not say Goodbye to, today. We still love you ;)

The german version of this Blog Post will follow shortly with different pictures